The Astral world is a dimensional shift from our matter-based everyday reality into the four-dimensional structures of higher consciousness. Students of energy healing who are drawn to this work often struggle with the first requirement for Astral healing work: how to see the Astral. This short article outlines two of the fundamental hurdles every healer must clear in opening their Astral vision.

The first hurdle in learning to see in the Astral world is to understand that, in these realms we do not utilize corneas and retinas, nor do we use eye muscles to change directional viewpoint. In the Astral realms the eye is singular: we see with the Eye of Light: Ajna chakra.

The second hurdle is to realize that the Astral’s four-dimensional realms are not lit from the light from any Astral sun. The light in the Astral world emanates from within an Astral person, or other life form. Astral light permeates these realms without throwing shadows. This gives Astral vision a hyper-saturated visual quality, similar to what we see in some of the new digital effect-dominated movies, such as James Cameron’s movie Avatar (2010). In Avatar we watch an eerily Astral-like simulation, as the characters move from the everyday world into visceral contact with an alien world. Of course, in the Astral realms we are unaware of our body, mostly experiencing it visually, in addition to some emotional content. But, similar to the storyline in Cameron’s movie, healers can learn how the Astral works on its own terms, rather than on our own.

How do you locate yourself in the Astral realms? The best way to begin is to develop Ajna chakra, and then observe the quality of the light around you, or within your client’s energy body. Then you can adjust your healing work to one of three distinctive levels in these forty-nine dimensional realities.

The Higher Astral is filled with over-saturated colors and textures, interpreted that way because our brain has a limited experience of higher-dimensional frequencies. Additionally, the Higher Astral tends to raise your overall vibration away from your egoic self identity, and closer towards your eternal soul identity. Our present-day life is experienced in context to all other incarnation experiences, and may seem to contradict our experience of the flow of linear time. In the Higher Astral the time dimension is fluid, not fixed and linear. In this realm, time can flow backwards, or move forwards rapidly. It should be noted that time distort effects are apparent at every level of the Astral realms.

The Middle Astral can be recognized when you find yourself relating to familiar or unfamiliar life forms, all of which are interconnected and inter-related to each other. If you are talking to trees, plants or insects in an Astral dream, or during an Astral healing, then you are probably in the Middle Astral. These dimensions are incredibly diverse and rich; your interaction with it is only limited by your imagination and openness to creativity. You are Alice down the Rabbit Hole.

The Lower Astral shuns light at all costs, preferring the cover of darkness, and often conceal any direct perception of their true form. If you find yourself in a dark and gloomy place, or if the Astral entity will not show himself, then the chances are good that you in contact with the Lower Astral. There are many levels of the Lower Astral, not all of which are bad. But it is good to keep in mind one of the most recognized spiritual truths: when in doubt, head for the brightest light you see. This is the reason: absence of light is the classic Lower Astral red flag. We may need to go there, as spiritual warriors, to retrieve a part of our client (or ourselves) but for some individuals there is a danger in spending too long in such a low vibrational state. You could forget who you are, and why you are there.

Astral vision is most available to you when you are in the dream worlds, or in a hypnogogic altered state usually associated with Shamanism, or spiritual healing. To see into the Astral in the waking state requires tremendous stabilization in Ajna chakra: the Eye of Light. This personal development requires much practice, not only to perceive but to then learn to affect a change in the Astral. But before change must come perception. You can’t change what you can’t see.



The Astral healer first learns to see the Astral worlds during sleep, or during Shamanic initiation rituals, and can observe the quality of lighting in their dreams as a way to orientate themselves. When we apply this experience to our waking consciousness state we learn how to shift from ocular vision to inner vision: from the secondary physical eyes and into the singular, inner eye, sometimes known as the “mind screen”. The Eye of Light is how you see the Astral while awake, as well as when you are in the dream state. The Eye of Light is anchored in Ajna chakra, but is supported by other energetic nervous system structures, including prefrontal lobe development and the lower brain stem (Talu Chakra). When healthy and balanced, the Eye of Light can bridge the gap between the energetic brain and the Astral worlds. But, when the healer is traumatized or uninitiated, this same Eye of Light can project energy consciousness out of itself, distorting what it sees, or creating self-fulfilling prophecies. Fantasy fears become realities.

Being an Astral healer requires us to always be working towards opening the Eye of Light, as well as developing a strong Etheric body. But we do not discard the valuable information we get from our physical eyes. These three “eyes” must learn to work together, as each holds vital information for us, to both see the truth, and to look to where we can affect a change. Opening the Eye of Light will show you many things about the world in which you live, and about the transformational process of your client. It will also reveal many things about you to yourself.

Are you ready to open all three of your eyes, and see an expanded reality?


© 2015 by Dean Ramsden. All rights reserved.