There are levels of ability for Energy Healers, as there are in every professional discipline. On this website I use the term Level One of energy healing to refer to new healers (or healers-in-training) who currently offer a generalized “aura balancing”, or simple transmission of energy. Many briefly-trained (or even untrained) healers are able to intuitively connect their energy system into that of another, encouraging change in their clients to occur. The intention and focusing abilities that the individual Level One healer brings to their healing work improves upon this process: an energy healing with a receptive “client” and intuitive “healer”. Assuming that the healer has a stronger energy field than the client, the other will be energized by this process, as well as gain increased mental clarity and a sense of well-being.

The Level Two energy healer refers to someone who has been trained in useful healing skills, such as Qi Gong, Craniosacral Therapy, or who are a graduate of an in-depth energy healing school. Undergoing a long-term training to be able to practice specific skills increases the strength and frequency width of pranic energies able to flow through the trained healer, and hence into the energy field of their client. The results obtained by Level Two healing skills are then verified through professional experience: in other words, consistent results should be expected from any Level Two healer. For instance, if I have learned a healing skill that energizes the Lower Dantien in my Qi Gong training I can expect my clients to experience a certain effect when I apply that skill, in this case an increased grounding of the client into her physical body. The two hallmarks of the Level Two healer are effectiveness, and having undergone a certified training.

Much healing work is done at both Level One and Level Two; levels of competence which are dependent upon the degree to which the healer has chosen to develop her, or his, self. Obviously, Level Two healers can charge a premium for their services, based on their dedication in investing their time, energy, and financial resources, thereby increasing their effectiveness, and become able to work professionally with the general public. A short interview with your healer will help you decide upon their level of training, and will give you an idea as to the kind of results you can expect from working with them.

Caution must be used in evaluating the skill level of your healer, as many healers have not, themselves, moved through Level Two, while they manage to achieve popularity in the marketplace. A charismatic or narcissistic personality will tend to leapfrog Level Two because, well, they may believe the rules everyone else follows just don’t apply to them. But the problem is not simply one of self-aggrandizement or of difficulties with integrity. There are two essential stages that every healer must make, that the narcissist healer may not succeed in completing. First, in order for all spiritual advancement to happen a series of initiations must occur. An initiation is a sequence of events that lead to a confrontation, collapse, and re-initializing of the energy consciousness system. Initiations are a challenge to the sense of self that, once successful, replaces the previous sense of self with a new identity. No one rides the train of spiritual development for free. The narcissist however, by the very nature of their character disorder, is often unable to undergo these initiations. Their fragile inner self identity must be protected at all costs. The Failed Initiation is often the result. The problem is, though, that they can fake it.

The second essential stage that the charismatic has difficulty with is being in a student-teacher role. They are happy to be your teacher, of course, but resist being a student. But without the ability to be teachable, to be empty of knowledge so your teacher can add to your training, the higher levels of spiritual growth remain closed. The sincere heart of the student is the true cost of admission into study with a useful teacher.




At Level Three, energy healers add additional therapeutic skills to their training, allowing them to assess and support the psychological and emotional aspects of their client’s health. Psychological work such as this may begin with understanding therapeutic and professional boundaries and ethics, put in place for the benefit of the client as well as for the healer. A map of the psychological issues with which human beings struggle can can further fine-tune your skills. For instance, if you have a client struggling with chronic physical health issues, the previously-noted Lower Dantien skill will be helpful, in conjunction with some therapeutic or supporting dialog work, which builds a container within which a healing relationship can occur.

There is yet another level of expertise beyond these three, one that demands a good foundation in all these energy healing levels. In order to go to Level Four the energy healer ideally has attained some degree of experience and competence in the previous three levels. If not, Level Four work will be frustrating to learn because the earlier levels of basic training may not have been fully developed. Energy healing development takes time, and utilizes years of our life experience. For instance, if I want to learn the specialized skill of chakra cord work I first need to be able to direct a focused flow of pranic energy into my client’s energy system without losing the vital connections to myself and to my spirit support team (guides). I should be able to kinesthetically sense the chakra cord, even if only vaguely. I should also be able to ground new experiences into my awareness without insisting that it fit my preconceived notions of what should occur. If we have controlling (or narcissistic) expectations, or a limited ability to run multiple frequencies in our field, chakra cord work (along with the related field of Astral healing work) will not be teachable.

At Level Four we are becoming specialists in the field of energy healing. Just as there are experts in other disciplines, such as medicine, the energy healing specialist meets a specific need for a certain population of clients. As previously noted, Chakra cord work and Astral Healing are both highly specialized, and as thus require a lot of additional training beyond Levels One and Two. But the benefit of such training is that it will develop the healer’s unique contribution: narrowing the generalized focus of Level One, and moving beyond generalized healing protocols of Level Two. Additionally it builds upon the foundational process work of Level Three (reflexive process) by learning mental and emotional skills that build or enhance our inner adult, rather than mostly healing the wounds of the infant within. Any highly-developed healing skill requiring prior knowledge before undertaking its study can be designated Level Four. In my own system of Relational Energy Healing, Chakra Cord training and Astral healing are Level Four skills.

In order to gain all Level Four skills we must cultivate an adult innocence, emptying our mind and heart of expectation, or our desire for control over our learning process. We need to release our previous skill level willingly, trusting that we will “reboot” at a higher level if we let go into the flow of the initiation. We must allow ourselves to become teachable. We must leave our minds at the door to the teaching room, along with our shoes. Unless we allow ourselves to take this leap of faith into being empty and we are willing to be open to new experiences, we will not be able to progress, or to develop our potential. We will simply repeat the past, or replicate the achievement of others.  These capacities of the Level Four healer – one who works towards releasing the past, and embraces new choices and outcomes –  are qualities that we hope to trigger within our own clients. This is spiritual healing, not just a return to a past state of innocence. But unless the healer herself is willing to take that same journey – to be able to let go of past knowledge and to enter, like a child learning something new – Level Four skills cannot be attained. We all, client and healers alike, must strive to be teachable. This can be difficult as, the more we know, the harder it becomes to let it all go.

I will soon be offering a self-study course using UStream, that will help student healers learn the basics of each of these first three levels, and which will point the way towards some useful resources. These on-line courses will be a series of in-depth lessons geared towards someone who does not have access to a good energy healing school, or who is unable to find the finances such training usually requires. We need more energy healers in the world, and I’m hoping this will help things to move in that direction. While much of my web site will remain freely accessible, these self-study courses (Levels One to Three) will currently only be accessible to my clients and regular students. Look to the link on the right sidebar of this website, to find out more information about online classes.

Relational Energy Healing – the focus of this web site – rests on these first three levels of energy healing, and lives in the fourth level by specializes in assisting the pre-wired developmental energy system of each client to move past shock and trauma, and to take a leap into its next evolutionary growth. By utilizing the specialist work of Astral Healing and chakra cord work, Relational Energy Healing adds one more voice to the transformational choir of energy workers all over the planet.

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