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How Psychic Healing Works

There are two ways to gain life experience – and to process that experience. The first is to gain life experience yourself, to move through life events and necessary stages from the standpoint of primal innocence. It is as if you need a software program for your computer, and you build the code yourself, from scratch. The second way to gain life experience is to benefit from the experience and resources of another person: to learn from someone who has already processed aspects of the human experience and has produced a practical system to deal with life. This is analogous to downloading software to install on your computer. Within minutes you can have a software program (the energetic “wiring” to deal with things in a new way) running on your “hardware” (your auric energy body), and you can do things differently than before. You are now benefiting from another person’s work (the skill and effort they put into creating the program) and you are able to write your novel (Word Processor) or explore the internet (Web Browser).

In other words, psychic energy healing passes on life experience by upgrading your energy body via a direct interaction or your energy consciousness system with another. This teaching process occurs all the time in life. It happens when you are a baby, and your mother unconsciously passes on to you the life experience of being taken care of (mothering), and then teaches you how to take care of yourself (to become a young adult). It happens at school when you are impacted by teachers and school friends, gaining both practical information (language skills, social skills, and so on) as well as vital life skills ( interacting with individuals other than your family, including those that may mock you or attack you for no obvious reason.). The act of living is about gaining both bad experiences and good experiences. In the first, we are learning through trial-and-error: the hard way. In having good experiences we reinforce our ability to individuate (separate our psyches from the mass consciousness of family and society) and come to be able to have a good life – to make money, find companionship and love, express ourselves creatively, to have children of our own, and to grow as a spiritual being.

Psychic healing is the specialized skill or knowledge to be able to affect our consciousness … that which supports good experiences for us, and also which heals bad experiences. There are many relationships that do this: the mother, father, teacher, friend, lover, priest, or guru. Whenever someone helps you to understand your life, or helps you make better decisions for yourself, that individual is acting as a healer for you. They have something (life experience) that you currently do not have. And you do not have to reinvent the wheel, or build any software program of consciousness from scratch. You can learn it from another. Or, you can spend time around someone who knows something you need to understand, and hope that it is transmitted to you.

We learn about life from our parents. From our siblings. From our schooling experiences. From our relationships with others. And we learn from our mistakes. We search for information on how to live when we align with a religious path, or study with a spiritual teacher. We learn about life through falling in love with others, or by the ending of an important relationship. We may learn through reading a book, or listening to an educational lecture, or even through the impact of a psychoactive drug. Human beings are very versatile in gaining life experience from other people, or by joining a group of people such as a spiritual/religious community. Downloading life experience is what human beings do in order to progress themselves.

Psychic healing is a specialized form of this process of personal development. It deals by working directly with the human energy system: the auric field, the chakras, the chakra cords, along with the spirit (or Astral) word. When done correctly it makes the gaining of good life experience and the repair work of dealing with a bad experience (such as emotional wounding or relationship trauma) proceed faster, and with added efficiency. It’s analogous to when you need your car repaired. Yes, you can buy your own tools, and a book on how to repair the brakes on your car. You can learn to do it yourself, slowly, over time. Or, you can choose to take your car to the car mechanic. He may be able to repair your brakes quickly, so you can move on with your life. Psychic healing is the auto repair work of the human energy consciousness system. And it should effect a practical change in you.

Human beings all deal with similar issues: poor health, challenging relationships situations, personal growth concerns, and processing trauma or loss in their lives. The psychic healer’s work is to supplement the help of your physician by working with bio-energy to strengthen your organs. The psychic healer can supplement psychotherapy by opening your eyes to the hidden world of the astral, and helping to effect a necessary change in your inner world. The psychic healer can support your personal growth by helping you access latent abilities, or can help you understand your challenges from a new perspective. And, the psychic healer can assist you in letting go of the past so you can then move on, and create better a better life in the future.

Traditionally the psychic healer is an individual able to enter into the world of spirits, and who has experience in interacting with forces within the psyche that are usually hidden, or sometimes which masquerade as other things. The psychic healer should able to transmit (or direct) bio-energy that can upgrade your auric energy field. He or she may be able to see things in you that others don’t see: your potential. The psychic healer should be able to work with you as both a struggling human being and as an embodied soul. In that dance – between awakening of spirit in the body and sifting through life experience to evolve to our highest potential – we all need support.

We do not need to learn the dance of life alone. Other people can teach us all the steps, can train us how to move and flow. And then we can move on to have a full life, a good life. We can embrace  the life that we were always meant to live. We can be free.

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About Dean Ramsden

Dean Ramsden practices distance energy healing utilizing chakra development, relational chakra cord work, and astral healing skills. Dean works on your energy system over Skype, or using the telephone. He was born in England, & currently lives in North Borneo, the Malaysian state of Sabah.


  1. I have been through cancer treatment which has left me with some side effects,these are extreme shortness of breath,tiredness and pains in the joints and recently a poor memory.also i have torn the cartilage in my left knee and i have severe facial spasms.can you send me as much healing as possible please.thanks.
    p.s. i can’t afford to pay you but hopefully you can still send me healing anyway.thanks

  2. Dean:
    I have been through the near full spectrum of traumas: failed initiation, lots of childhood abuses, emotional, mental etc, hidden agendas, scapegoating, emotional slavery and the total shut down. As if that’s not all, set up for total life failure and mind control.
    You will accept that it is hard to ask for help when having no resources. Yet, I am asking for energy healing on a complementary basis.

  3. Hello Thabi, yes I will send you some distance energy healing work right now, using your name as a locator.
    And once you are back on your feet again, financially, I encourage you to track down a local healer and get yourself the support you deserve to have. Good luck to you.
    Best Regards,
    – Dean

  4. i have been told i have physic healing abilities and i have been given some exercises to strengthen this ability however i still have several questions about this ability and was hoping i could talk to you and verify this and possibly help me finetune this ability thanks i look forward to hearing from you

  5. Hi Dean,
    I am currently doing a chakra healing course and it has helped me tremendously to move forward in life. I can recall when I was young and I experienced blocked or closed chakra. Unfortunately I didn’t know what it was and how to deal with it.

    Psychic healing is real and I am a big believer that we can heal each other by healing ourselves first.

  6. I am a researcher into things energetic, bio-energetic that is. There are over 150 different modalities of healing throughout the world, including psychic healing and they all work on the same principle. Intent.
    Thought has energy, that has been proven many times, so if you intend to heal someone by that simple intent you are sending healing energy, distance is irrelevant. I believe that if you decided to use say Reiki healing on someone the results would be similar, it all takes practice of course. I applaud your work as it is in the service of mankind. Namaste

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