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How to build your healing practice


Energetic healing is known by the general public through exposure to Reiki, and Healing Touch. But energy healing in combination with assistance of the client in their personal growth is a new idea. The trained energy healer of the twenty-first century can combine an energy healing modality with one of many forms of energy psychology. The synergy of this approach speeds up the healing process and enhances the client’s consciousness, and personal relationships. It does not replace appropriate psychotherapy but it can provide a complementary and healing support for many people.

As energy healers we must continually build a presence in the marketplace that shows the public exactly how our work can address specific issues and produce results. We must differentiate ourselves from untrained energy healers, and from flaky or ungrounded “New Age” healing in general. We must find our authentic professional identity. So, the first step for building your healing practice is to know how you want to make a difference in your work.

In other words, what is your specialty?

One place to start is not by talking to others about who you are, but to go into the privacy of your room, and meditate on what it is you are here to share with the world. Without interruption, with just a small index card and a pen, write down words and sentences that express your worth, and what you know to be true. Don’t edit, don’t criticize yourself, simply write down your words. Then, get out an audio recorder, and interview yourself based on words or sentences on the card. Remember that this is a birthing process: you are the midwife to your own message. Others can help you, or write books to inspire you, but your message is unique and personal.

When you are ready, listen to what you have recorded. What do you think? Are you ready to create your vision, or do you need more support, or additional skills? Make the decision, make a plan, based on your own words- written or spoken.

Only once you have found your voice can you move towards demonstrating its value to the general public, and to build your visibility in the marketplace. This is your personal branding, or how the public will come to recognize you. Your personal branding, as Peter Montoya in his book on the subject notes, is more than your name on a business card. He writes, “It is about creating an identity that influences how customers (or clients) perceive you;it is how you create value in a world filled with confusing messages.”

Build your practice should, I believe, include teaching others. The general public is unfamiliar with a therapeutic approach to healing, and it is up to us to demonstrate its value. We can do this by giving evening presentations, one-day workshops, weekend seminars, and perhaps even a one or two-year in-depth training program for serious students. Showcasing our work, and teaching it to others, will require additional training, of course. But the rewards are tremendous.

The third step is to define your material, either through writing your personal brochure, creating a web site or blog, authoring articles, and perhaps even writing your own book. Not gifted with the ability to craft clear, compelling prose? Don’t know how to create a HTML website or a WordPress blog? There are many talented people around who can do these things. Invest in yourself and hire good allies to get your message out there.

It may be tempting to just begin to teach what you were taught by others. This is a common problem: recently-graduated healers presenting the work they studied to others, even though they may not have been trained to do so. Good teachers may make it look easy but that ease comes from both a deep understanding of the material, and from hard-won experience or apprenticing with a successful professional teacher. If you sincerely wish to teach, go through a teacher training program.

Lastly, and just as important, we need on-going support from our friends, partner, colleagues, and other professionals as we move to this new level of visibility in the world. We will need to be reminded of our value when the going gets rough. We deserve the mutuality that comes from adults sharing goals and experiences. And, we can be nourished by being part of a community of like-minded people who, like ourselves, are learning to stretch their wings and fly.

Good luck with birthing your unique vision into the world. The world needs you, and this is what you came here to do: to share yourself with others, and to accomplish good and great things.


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Dean Ramsden practices distance energy healing utilizing chakra development, relational chakra cord work, and astral healing skills. Dean works on your energy system over Skype, or using the telephone. He was born in England, & currently lives in North Borneo, the Malaysian state of Sabah.

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