The human energy field cannot be separate from the universal energy field, the planetary energy field, or that of other human beings. We are in constant relational contact with multiple consciousnesses around, and within us, even though the egoic container of self-identity (or individuation) is our everyday experience. The human chakra system can be viewed as interlinking consciousness centers that, when working correctly, allow us to move effectively through life’s challenges, and to develop our personal relationships.

The chakra system exists partly in the Etheric body. They also extend invisible cords that connect us with other sentient beings – chakra cords – and which allow for the structured flow of information, and contact, with people beyond the outer boundary of our auric field.


Chakra cords & the Astral.


Similarly, we have chakra self-cords (internalized connections that help create our self identity) that anchor us to our inner energetic identity. In Relational Energy Healing the wiring of chakra cord connections (and our relational life that flows from these connections) also depends upon the Astral world: the fourth-dimensional reality that dances creatively with the material world. The fluid nature of the Astral energies balances the fixed layers of evolutionary progress hardwired into the chakra system. We see the Astral worlds as being essential to the creative expansion of the universe – and to we human beings – as it tirelessly creates novel ways to express reality, and to constantly challenge the consciousness held in our comparatively rigid and past-orientated chakra structures. The Astral modifies rigid structures of consciousness in order to evolve them.

A map of the chakras


Relational Energy Healing seeks to dance between these two expressions of the universal consciousness: structured relational energy connections (chakras and their cords), and the Astral energies that flow around them. Roots and wings are both needed for us to grow, and to heal our past wounds, or developmental challenges. This form of healing uses an evolving map of the chakra system that combines the wisdom of the East with important new developments in psycho-spiritual growth as taught in the West. It seeks to understand how consciousness grows through specific stages and states. And it looks to where any stage may be blocked, undeveloped, or traumatized, and where energy healing can effect a change. By clearing the auric energy system (including heritage/DNA cords, and past life trauma) of hindrances, or by “rebooting” any challenged state of consciousness development, Relational Energy Healing trusts that an individual can resume their impeded journey through life: to continue the evolution towards their true and authentic nature.

Solution-focused healing

This system of energy healing seeks to re-initialize an individual’s chakra system, rather than to focus on solving any “problem”. It is not psychotherapy. It is a reflexive personal process system, as well as a trauma healing process. Our agenda is to orientate psychic healing work around the solution and the evolution, rather than the problem. This is in contrast with other healing systems that attempt to understand (or to “process”) an issue with a client. For Relational Energy Healing it is not only insight into any issue that ultimately leads to healing; it is only by clearing the hindrances in their blocked consciousness system that anything can significantly shift.

Once this form of healing work has been applied our reward is to watch an individual move naturally into the next level of their personal – or soul – development. The human mind may later look back, to understand what has happened to them, but this is done from already standing in the place of change, rather than the position of hope. Insight without any real change only offers us unactivated potential; actual change presents us with a meaningful perspective, and adult choices. And, when we have a choice, we are free to evolve to the very limits of our creativity.


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