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The Study Of Astral Healing


My experience is that you cannot train just any student to connect to the Astral world, do their astral healing technique, and then just leave unscathed, and unaffected by Astral energies. Working in the Astral world (and with those that inhabit it) is specialist work. Plus, there are various influences on Westerners that take it beyond the issue of a healer’s individual skill level. Westerners have all been taught, since childhood, to ignore the Astral as unscientific, to disparage it as a realm of spirits and demons, and to view it as a dangerous place that means to do us harm. Our preconceptions automatically distort our perceptions.

In this article I want to present to you what I truly consider the Astral world to be: a fourth spatial dimension (comprising of 49 sub-domains) that co-exists with our linear time-and-space everyday world. The Astral world is not a dimension in opposition to human reality. It is an integral part of our human evolution from the very beginning, a dimension that actively co-creates our personal and spiritual journey for both human and non-human alike. It is a realm filled with other beings, with other “people”. These Astral beings may look, to the inner psychic eye, like goblins and serpents, but they have their own spiritual depth, and individual personalities.

Astral “entities” are people. To call them entities, or demons, does them more than a disservice. It is a subtle form of racism, if we agree to extend the racist ethical concept beyond humankind and into the rest of the universe. If  we share time and space with other non-human beings they deserve the same respect, rights, and consideration that we would naturally extend to members of the human race.

They are “people” the way our pets have a unique nature that we come to know, and to love. Astral beings deserve the same respect that we offer to other human persons in the world. This is so even though the Astral is mostly an unseen world, seemingly existing within our inner reality,  glimpsed only through dreams or moments of hypnogogic lucidity.

Occasionally there are physical manifestations of the Astral, such as poltergeist activity, or photographic evidence (such as ghostly apparitions, or photographic orbs). But if a healer is drawn to work with the Astral realm these manifestations become more real to our inner vision, and more apparent in how they affect many of the life issues that we – and our clients – have to deal with. We come to see the imprint of the Astral everywhere: from our personal issues all the way, to social and global issues.

Within the Astral world we find different species of beings at various levels of evolution, similar to the range and development of animal and plant life here, in the physical world. Describing something as a “Lower Astral Entity” is akin to pointing at a large dangerous-looking spider or centipede, and calling it evil. There is nothing evil about a spider, nor the so-called Lower Astral being. Yes, it is true that it may bite you if you pick it up, or disturb it. But that is the nature of the spider, or the Astral being. It’s not personal.

Just as we divide up the animal kingdom into various domains, so we can place different Astral or non-physical species within useful categories. The “Lower” Astral are one category of Astral people that don’t have a highly-developed individuated consciousness. They exist in the domain of instinct, survival, and of propagation. Lower Astral people seek the nourishment of your pranic emotional energy. They are often found in the warm, moist cavities of the human body, nestled close to an endocrine gland or a digestive/elimination body organ. They happily suck up human prana and, in return, deposit a waste material which healers experience as Astral Gunk. Yes, that sticky and viscous material that you pull out of a client’s body during an Astral healing is spirit being waste matter. Don’t forget to wash your hands once you are done.

The second category is the “Higher” Astral, and is usually experienced as the place where angels and spirit teachers (or guides) cluster; those who interact with the human race in order to promote spiritual growth. Unfortunately, just because an Astral person tells you that they are from the Higher Astral does not always guarantee that they are Higher Astral. Many Astral people feed off the human radiance of attention, and may say anything to get it.  Just like getting to know a new friend, it takes time to get to know any Astral being. They may tell you they are a priestess or a guru from the past, in order to impress you, but they may have a hidden agenda. Unless their actions and counseling lead you on a consistently-upward growth curve you could be dealing with a trickster rather than a teacher. Remember the Biblical adage: “By their fruits ye shall know them.”

The third category of Astral people are ambivalent entities, or the Middle Astral. Like ourselves, these are developed beings of energy consciousness but who have taken on a different evolutionary direction from we three-dimensionally-bound humans. They exist as energy beings in a Fourth-Dimensional reality. They can take on different elemental forms, or adapt their personalities to new and creative roles. Where a Higher Astral angel may be following and implementing Divine Laws, the Middle Astral likes to bend those Laws, twisting them into new shapes. They are creative life forms. They contribute to the novelty and diversity of the Universe. And they are unpredictable.

The Middle Astral often appear to us as spirit allies, as teachers, or even as our Muse. Less authority, more friend and colleague, Middle Astral people can assist our growth and personal transformation far beyond any earth-bound human friend. But this is not all about you; Middle Astrals have their own lives, their own goals, their own personal agendas. Just like humans.



From this perspective Astral healing is not about removing the “evil”or negative activity of a shadow world from the physical world. Astral healing is learning to interact with, to understand, and to benefit from, relationships with non-human and non-physical people. As I wrote earlier, these are not alien “entities”. They are people. And this is why Astral healers must have a certain kind of personality that can interact with this realm, especially as the power of the Astral may overload your auric system with energies that you are not yet able to handle.

Astral energies will often lead you towards great transformation and change in your life, but (and for energy healers especially) it is common to have excess Astral influence in our lives. If Astral energies flood, or overcharge, the auric energy system (especially the brain stem area, where Talu chakra is located) there can be a tremendous destabilizing effect on the human nervous system. The common symptoms of Astral overwhelm are: chronic insomnia, hyperactive thoughts, paranoia, obsession, the sabotaging of our relationships, and hearing inner voices that may not have our best interests in mind if we follow their lead. And then there are the body shaking, nervous system jerking, and involuntary sounds or movements that affect us at the physical level.

Working with the Astral is a very specialized form of energy healing. If this work is not for you (as a healer or student healer) don’t feel bad, don’t feel inadequate. There is plenty of powerful and important energy healing techniques that can be done with our clients, such as Chakra Cord healing. Astral work is best suited for adventurers and quirky individuals: those with strong stomachs, flexible hearts, and an appreciation for spending time in the trenches of the human spirit. It is for those people who enjoy “digging in the dirt”, prospectors looking for metaphorical gold. Oh, and a sense of self deprecating humor will help you  tremendously. There are many intermediate and advanced Astral healing skills to learn, but Astral healers do a lot of astral plumbing work … just pulling nasty stuff out of people. It is not romantic work. Along the way we get to meet challenging spirit beings that may – or may not – have our health and evolution as their primary concern. We always have to sort out the Astral crooks from the good Astral people, to help our clients navigate their individual path of personal growth.

The study of Astral healing is not for everyone. But, if it is for you, I promise one thing … you will never be bored.

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About Dean Ramsden

Dean Ramsden practices distance energy healing utilizing chakra development, relational chakra cord work, and astral healing skills. Dean works on your energy system over Skype, or using the telephone. He was born in England, & currently lives in North Borneo, the Malaysian state of Sabah.


  1. Hi Dean, I read through your article 3 times and apologise if I have missed the obvious, but on which level /domain is our 3rd dimension human astral body housed?

    Many thanks

  2. Hi Celia, and thanks for your question. I don’t use “levels” of the Auric field in my work, as do the Brennan practitioners. For myself, I experience the Astral realm as existing within a fourth spacial dimension of physical reality, one which is both parallel and interpenetrating with our usual third dimensional reality. In other words, both the physical (3d dimensions) and the astral (four dimensions) coexist, but we rarely see the astral in the visual spectrum of our third dimensional reality because light does not “fall” on the fourth dimension. Actually, the astral emits a certain kind of “light” rather than utilizing reflective light (say, from the Sun in the physical world).

  3. Dean:
    Thanks for your article. I have a question. I am concerned that I may have believed in the commercialised spiritual trainers for a while, while holding on to what were internal processes that you describe vis the astral world. I read books to confirm or discount what I was experiencing inspite of what I was being thought. I had what I thought were legitimate spiritual experiences following an initiation that had not totally satisfied my standards but nonetheless opened me up to the astral.

    For a while I operated under what was valid spiritual guidance, that is that experiences from the next realm were validated in the physical by experience. I then fell under attack and got confused and accused of charlatanry yet my experiences are quite valid even as I listen to my detractors.

    as I write I am recovering but slowly from the attacks and astral gunk attendant to such attacks. a major issue is a temerity to contact what was such a rich and reliable source of guidance. Besides astral clearing, why ELSE CAN I do to enhance recovery. additionally, childhood issues that I had cleared, I thought, returned with vengeance adding to confusion.
    thanks and regards.

  4. Hello Thabi,
    You are asking a thoughtful and interesting question. I would speculate that part of the answer lies in a compassionate and caring response towards yourself, as the first part of enhancing your recovery. Self depreciation can undermine much of the gains in life experience; the breaking apart of illusions usually lead to any initiation, formal or self-generated, and that we get it seems more important than how we get it. It is my experience that the Astral influences upon our lives do not respect our human labels of “good” or “bad”, or “worthy” or “unworthy”. The Astral only seeks to emotionally express itself (often through living life forms like us) and seems uninterested in the ethics or morality of what they do, unlike we human beings. Astral beings are usually amoral. So, Astral clearing is less about removing “bad” experiences or emotional gunk, and enhancing “good” life experiences (which also load us up with emotional gunk, albeit pleasant). It is more about learning to dance between the emotional polarities while staying close to your own inner center. It seems to be about balance, as well as thinking on your feet rather than with your head. So, my counsel would be: forgive yourself, care about yourself more, accept that we all stumble one step forward and two steps back, and strive to stay as close to your personal vision as you can, despite what others say or do. And should childhood issues return (they usually do) try and make more space for yourself within the challenge, more room to have a new and different experience of these past influences. And finally, confusion will lead to more growth than certainty, as some spiritual teachers have pointed out. I am very suspicious of my own “certainties”, as they historically don’t always represent what is actually going on.

    Good luck with your sincere journey,
    – Dean

  5. Hello Dean, love your site so much as i stumbled into it by random search. please why is it so difficult to see people talking about special abilities like that of astral realm. apart from devilish or occultic dangerous studies about astral travels how can one come to closer practice of a near to divine route towards this astral experience? I am of the Christian religion but no real concrete astral or metaphysical studies exists to learn with. seems the Christians are even criticising their numerous individual doctrines, and there is a spiritual apathy amongs them, from my view. Some believe anything (too spiritual) is abnormal or too good to be true. they believe that a miracle should have a limit. It has not been up to a year I started concious meditation and no doubt have seen the usefullness of it. if I had been meditating long ago I know I would have gone far in spiritual growth. I wish the whole earth will wake up and seek nothing but the truth. We kids are not being told the truth about life right from birth and it is not an easy thing seeking for truth when no one cares what harm their attitudes do to the universe. I’m trying to pray always for God to help me to know him the more

  6. Hello Toney, and thanks for your post. And of course you are right, that many Christians are taught to be afraid of any spiritual experience that is outside of their particular branch of religion. And yet there are many energy healers who do manage to combine Christianity with an approach to the Spirit or the Astral realms, and in doing so they help a lot of people. One of my teachers was a Christian healer, and my work has been heavily influenced by him. Here is a link to an article I wrote about him: I do encourage you to keep searching, keep praying for guidance and support, and perhaps help us create more bridges between this, the physical world, and the greater worlds beyond.

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